Top 5 Spotify to MP3 Converter in 2021 (Software & Online)

"Does anybody could recommend a Spotify to MP3 converter to me? Because I really want to download Spotify music in MP3 format so that I can enjoy it on any of my phones or tablets for playing back."


Recently, more and more people wish to find a workable and reliable Spotify to MP3 converter so that they can convert Spotify songs to MP3 for more convenient offline playback. When there are so many converters provided online, you may have the hard time in selecting the best one for yourself. So, in today's article, the top 5 Spotify to MP3 Converter will be introduced with overview introduction. Preview them and select the tool you like now.

Convert Spotify Songs Playlists to MP3

Part 1. 5 Best Spotify to MP3 Converter Overview



Output Format

Conversion Speed


TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

High quality


5X faster


Aimersoft Music Recorder


MP3, M4A

Follow the song’s length







AudFree Spotify to MP3 Converter



5X faster



Over 50 formats



1. TuneFab Spotify Music Converter



Windows, Mac


$13.95, $39.95, $69.95



  • Convert without quality loss
  • Common formats supported
  • Save ID3 tags and metadata
  • Up to 5X faster conversion speed
  • Support batch converting songs
  • Analyze Spotify playlists instantly




  • Sets the limitation to convert only 3 minutes while using the free version

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter offers user-friendly UI, making the software quite easy to use. Compared to other competitors, this software has added the web player, only by logging in the account and people just need to open a playlist or album for auto converting.


By providing MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC as the output formats, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter can meet people's needs in converting the Ogg Spotify songs, playlists and albums to common formats, and become compatible with more devices for flexible offline playback.

How to Use TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Step 1. Install TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

People can get TuneFab Spotify Music Converter installed on if you are using Windows or Mac system. The provided buttons are available here for you to download the software. When the installation finishes, open it and enter the main interface of the Spotify web player.

Step 2. Log In Spotify Web Player

After opening the web player, you should click the "Log in" button provided for logging in the player with your registered Spotify account.

Log in Web Player

Step 3. Open Spotify Playlist to Convert

When you log in, simply open a playlist and then press the "+" button, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter will directly convert the playlist ane let you select the contained songs for converting to MP3.

Choose Songs

Step 4. Select MP3 Format

There will be four different output formats provided, which are MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC. Select MP3 as the output format to convert Spotify playlist to.


If you need to adjust the sample rate or bitrate of the Spotify songs, only by going to "Preferences" and turn to "Advanced", then you can change them here.

Step 5. Convert Spotify to MP3

Finally, directly press the "Convert All" button and all the Spotify songs you have selected will be converted to MP3.

Convert Song to MP3 Successfully

2. Aimersoft Music Recorder


Windows, Mac


$19.95, $29.95, $39.95


  • Able to record online music from different platforms
  • User-friendly UI
  • Support common MP3 and M4A formats
  • Built-in ringtone maker
  • Save ID3 tags


  • Support only two formats to save recorded music

Aimersoft Music Recorder uses the recording function to save Spotify songs in MP3 or M4A audio files for listening back offline. Except for Spotify, the software can also be used to record songs from other music streaming platforms with good output quality. If you get any Spotify songs as your favorite and consider using them as ringtones, Aimersoft Music Recorder allows to create ringtones with its built-in ringtone maker. Unlike usual recording software, this music recorder is able to keep the tag artists, song titles, album covers, album names and genre of the song intelligently when it records, which makes people have an easy way to manage the recorded MP3 Spotify songs after saving.

Aimersoft Music Recorder

3. AllToMP3


Windows, Mac, and Linux




  • Be compatible with 3 popular systems
  • Support to download from YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and Deezer
  • Keep ID3 tags
  • Search a song in the software


  • Support only one format (MP3)
  • The search engine doesn’t work properly sometimes

AllToMP3 runs high compatible on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. This software can help people to convert and download songs from YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and Deezer with great MP3 audio quality, 256Kbps for keeping good music streaming experience offline. It will keep the tags like cover, title, artist, genre, and even lyrics being saved together with the songs. Also, the software will provide a search engine for people to find songs from the Internet inside easily. But using this way may get wrong results or getting errors while downloading the songs.


4. AudFree Spotify to MP3 Converter


Windows, Mac


$14.95, $49.95, $69.95


  • Use nice UI design
  • Support to download more than 70 million Spotify songs
  • Support MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B formats
  • Provide 5X faster speed


  • Sets limits to the free version

With the help of AudFree Spotify to MP3 Converter, people can easily convert Spotify to MP3 with its provided common popular formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B for making the songs playable on more devices. Also, keeping the songs with original quality and ID3 tags, people can enjoy the same music enjoying as well as managing experience as they are using the online streaming services inside Spotify. With the 5X faster speed, AudFree Spotify to MP3 Converter can save much of your time during the Spotify to MP3 conversion.

AudFree Spotify Music Converter



Any device


$7, $7.99, $67


  • Use on any device online
  • Don't need to install software
  • More than 50 formats provided
  • Very easy to use


  • More complex to use, especially to convert a Spotify playlist
  • Need to sign up an account to use the service is an online platform provided for people using any devices to convert files among over 50 supported formats. To convert a Spotify song to MP3, people only need to go to the MP3 converter and paste the URL to it for starting the conversion. During the whole process, no software needed to be installed. As a result, can be used on more devices, and the converted files are also able to be saved to Dropbox and GoogleDrive for accessing on different devices.

Online Convert

Part 2. Spotify Converter Online that can not convert Spotify to MP3

After viewing, you may also notice that there are some online platforms that provide the service to convert Spotify to MP3 without using software. However, the following 3 online Spotify converters are not able to convert Spotify to MP3. Why?

2.1 Playlist Converter

You may want to convert a Spotify playlist, and this online service called Playlist Converter can help. Without the need to pay for any fee, people can use its service to convert playlists from different streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, and so on. However, a disappointing fact is that Playlist Converter doesn't provide MP3 as the output format. So, if you need to convert Spotify playlist to MP3. It can't help.

Playlist Converter

2.2 MP3FY

Instead of being the converter to convert music, MP3FY provides the online MP3 converter to convert only videos to MP3 format. Even it supports more than 1000 websites, but you can't convert Spotify to MP3 because Spotify is not included in the supported list of MP3FY.


2.3 Spotiload

An extension for Chrome called Spotiload lets people to convert Spotify playlists to MP3 format for offline playback. By using the social network, it only allows users in the country where VK is not blocked to use the extension to convert Spotify playlist to MP3. As a result, you need to make sure that the region where you are here to surf the net allows you to visit, or you can't use Spotiload to convert Spotify songs to MP3 in the Chrome browser.

Part 3. FAQs about Spotify to MP3 Converter

Don't feel hesitating and check these FAQs if you also have questions about the Spotify to MP3 converter.

3.1 Is it legal to convert Spotify to MP3?

Because Spotify also provides the downloading feature for premium users to download Spotify songs offline, it means that keeping the content for personal playback is legal. As a result, if you only convert Spotify to MP3 for offline listening by yourself, then this is a legal action.

3.2 Is there any Spotify to MP3 Converter for Android?

The above just mentioned about the Spotify to MP3 converter for desktop. But there is still option for Android users, which is SpotiFlyer, a reliable Spotify to MP3 converter for Android.

By installing this application to your Android phone, you only need to search for the Spotify playlist in it and there will be a download button for you to save each song.


3.3 Is there any Spotify to MP3 Converter for iPhone?

Like SpotiFlyer for Android, there is still a Spotify to MP3 converter for iPhone, which is Spotifydl, a shortcut for iOS. By adding the shortcut to your iPhone, click it in "Shortcuts" app and you can paste the Spotify URL here for converting the songs to MP3 directly. Spotifydl is not an application so it doesn't take much storage on your device, which will be a good Spotify to MP3 converter for iPhone users.

Part 4. Conclusion

Finding the best Spotify to MP3 converter for yourself can make the Spotify songs be freely played in more flexible ways. After reading this article, you may get the best choice to select one tool to use. If you have found the best one, use it to start converting your first Spotify song to MP3 immediately!


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